Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pictures vs. Art

What is the difference between a picture and ART?  Well, a picture is something taken in a camera. Anyone can take pictures and the pictures can be good or bad. 
But what a photographer does is they create an artistic rendering of your image.  They take 'pictures' to the next level. 
A photographers job is to tell the story of an image.  If it is a good image; the story is clear. If it is ART....it keeps you lingering for a while.
As you see below, the picture on the left is pretty cool.  It was a great moment captured at the right time.  The story in the picture shows the dancers talent.
But if you look to the image on the right; you will likely linger for a while wondering where this location is.  The coloring any stylizing is a bit moodier, so the image actually evokes a bit more emotion than the image on the left.

If I have done my job well, you will want to linger.  Yes, I take pictures.  But I make them ART.  When you look at your previews after a session, realize it is just the beginning.  The possibilities are truly endless with the images created. 

Don't hesitate to ask questions, even if the only one you have is, "Now what?"

That's why we are here.

Happy Tuesday!

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